OLE T5020 Tank Gauge Series

Product Description

Tank gauge with accuracy +/- 0.25% or better. Liters Display and % Bar and Alarm Status, 4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus RTU as standard.

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T5020 Features:

Accuracy +/- 0.25% or better.
4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus as standard

Weatherproof IP65 enclosures
Suitable for any height / shape of Tank

Alarm Test Functions Two button auto reset operation

Single power connection for multi-functions

Replaces separate Gauge, High / Low /& Bund Alarms

Adjustable Resolution , Adjustable Safe Working Capacity
M= Master alarm % Settable provides 110 dB at 1 meter, and has a front panel

acknowledge button. Test and Mute function supplied as factory standard

H = Additional Contact Alarm, such as Low level or Mechanical High Switch (NC)

B = BUND Contact Alarm, for mechanical Switch (NC)

Additional LED lights or Volt Free Outputs are optional

R5 Relay option for volt free contacts. Please order as separate item.

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