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Our Story

Creation Trading an integration company since 2008 base in UAE leading the innovation business covering GCC countries (United Arab of Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt & Bahrain). Providing wide range of solutions of remote monitoring, Fleet management, IOT solutions Fuel Management system, video surveillance, security systems, safety camera & Radar and Oil & Gas products. Our team of engineers insure our best sales and aftersales support 24/7 and continuous Products development to keep our clients up to date with technology.

Our Vision

To lead the market with latest technology for fleet management & IOT solutions.

Your One – Stop for IOT

Wireless Network Consulting Services

Our staff of experienced RF engineers can bring your wireless systems to life through a variety of critical survey configuration and optimization services

Software Development Support Services

Programming support, code consultation and troubleshooting for your software development environment

Integrate, manage and monitor remotely deployed tanks of liquids, solids and gases with next generation tank level monitoring and management solutions.

Gain Real Time Diagnostics

Limit down – time through real time collection and monitoring of tank data

Lower Installation Costs

Eliminate unnecessary wiring and trenching costs and lower installation time drastically

Increase Worker Safety

Increase worker safety and lower insurance rates by using wireless systems and sensors in dangerous work environments

Reduce Truck Rolls

Limit the amount of unscheduled, on-site maintenance through remote asset visibility

Our Mission

Provide our clients with the best products & solutions to manage their fleet with max. efficiency and safety to increase productivity and save cost.

Parts and systems

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies.


Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify ballpark.

We knew we could do more with the data if the devices could speak to us.
iot solutions

Advisory and CRM Services

Our teams of strategists will help you align your people streamline processes and centralize your technology platform to optimize your enterprise. Empower your employees, customers and partners with innovative sales, service, marketing and field service solutions on the Salesforce 1 Platform.

24/7/365 Support

Our Clients

Construction equipment companies, Fleet companies, Renting companies, Government sector Mining and Crushers.

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Parts and systems

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies.


Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify ballpark.

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