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June 9, 2021

CONTINUOUS SUPPORT AND GROWTH Creation Heavy Equipment Trading provides 24/7 support to clients across the region. It is determined to maintain its lead in the market by providing the latest technology and solutions.

According to managing director Mohammed Al Qrinawi, safety concerns on the road or at construction sites are at a high in the region and accidents remain costly: “We could eliminate many of these through our latest technology that protect against driver fatigue, provide collision mitigation and camera streaming systems that monitor driver behavior.“

Creation Heavy Equipment Trading has been in operation since 2007 serving a wide range of clients involved in construction, transportation and heavy equipment while fulfilling the needs of both the private and government sectors. It is a leader in the GCC providing integration solutions, sales, marketing and aftersales service. It is also highly active further afield in the Middle East, including Jordan, and is branching out into Africa.

Its partnership with Transics gives it access to the WABCO subsidiary’s suite of solutions that are bringing intelligent vehicles system and IoT together. WABCO and Transics are on a constant mission to improve cost management, operation efficiency and vehicles safety. Their solutions can uniquely connect truck, trailer, cargo, driver, business partners and fleet operators in real time and integrate with any third party’s software through web services.

By using different types of hardware clients gain cargo information through barcode scanning, pictures, sign-on-glass, customer comment, pallet info and problem reporting. Additional real time fuel data includes filling, consumption and decreases. Connecting through OBD (On-Board-Diagnostics) the health of the truck can be remotely monitored. An MIL (Malfunction indicator Lamp) highlights truck faults. Fleets can also view total weight of trucks; and per axle for air or leaf suspensions.

Creation’s series of pioneering Fuel Management systems manage, monitor and control all fueling operations processes at fuel stations or mobile fuel tankers using RFID technology. Fuel tanks gauges for tanks ensure proper stock inventory.

Meanwhile, its Fleet Management System uses the latest telematics technology to monitor truck operations and fuel consumption while providing access to further information from machines such as temperature, ECU data and Fuel Levels. Fleet managers can monitor any potential theft situations and can receive alerts and alarms by email or SMS and how they utilize their fleet and machines. Smart geo-fencing, tracing and tracking the productivity of machines onsite is also made possible by the system. Its systems ultimately improve the driver’s performance and increase safety on sites by bringing together advanced collision mitigation systems, tire pressure monitoring, driver fatigue monitoring and its Advance Driving Assessment System (ADAS).

Creation also provides clients with the latest fuel and lubrication equipment to suit their operation and their workshops.

Al Qrinawi says his company is advancing in a number of areas including waste management solutions and weighing system where its hardware and software can make a positive impact. 2020 is already looking like a significant year for the company. The roll-out of the new E-Fuel system will see new sites added. The company is looking to provide fuel retailers with POS monitoring for their fuel stations.

MOHAMMED HASAN Managing Director Creation Heavy Equipment.

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