Loading Arms

Product Description

Top Loading Arms

This is a versatile arm, typically used in installations where vehicles are loaded from above. Composed of swivel joints (360° rotation) to provide better mobility and designed to cover a larger sweeping range of compartments. This arm is an excellent choice for loading tank trucks and/or railroad wagons with several chambers or compartments.

Bottom Loading Arms

Our bottom loading arms were developed to provide the following advantages:

  • Quicker loading: Besides allowing simultaneous loading of several compartments, the bottom loading system allows for higher flow rates, because the loading process is from the bottom up, thereby reducing electrostatic build-up.
  • Increased operating safety: The entire connection procedure to the tank truck is done with the operator on the ground, thereby eliminating risks of falling or gas inhalation while loading, in addition to allowing for confinement of gases for burning and/or recovery.
  • Lower cost: Eliminates the need to construct overhead loading platforms, access gangways, etc.


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