Hytek ALPHA Petrol Pump

Product Description

– This slightly taller cabinet is a new design, with a separate top cabinet housing the display. The construction is still fully stainless steel with the same mounting footprint as the standard diesel ALPHA.

– Dimensions: 1450mm H x 550mm W x 490mm D.

– Meter: 4 piston, +/‑ 0.25%.

– Pumping unit: Belt driven with air separator & integral filter, seals/gaskets petrol resistent (209A.PASSY.P).

– Cabinet: Stainless steel with a separate top cabinet housing the display, & a lower cabinet housing the hydraulics (both with a lockable front door & removable back panels), as well as a panel on the right hand side to access the bypass, check valve, motor & pump unit pulley. Suitable for above or below ground pipework. External base mounting holes.

– Display: LCD display with back light. Shows up to 99,999.9 litres, totaliser shows up to 99,999,999 litres. Option: second sided display available (ALPHA/2DP).

– Pulser Output: 10:1 or 100:1 pulser output for simple connection to fuel management systems.

– Simple to maintain. Good access for service engineers.

– Standard equipment: 3.66m (12ft) steel braided hose & suction inlet has flexible connector. Base drip tray included.

– Nozzle not included.

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